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Free hand sale

A freehand sale is a sale of a property in the usual businesses. The sale occurs via a declaration on both parties sides within the framework of a notarial bill of sale.

Also a distress sale can occur freehand, if the debtor participates in the problem solution actively and practices the sale of the property within the framework of the disencumberment active by initiation and support.

As a rule  are interested in a freehand sale solution since sanctions can be renounced, a faster problem solution occurs and due to the principle of offer and demand a better sales profit for the distressed credit can be achieved.

Nevertheless in the case of distress sales it is to be noticed that a certain time pressure for the sale of the property exists. Investors will take this into account and do not offer the best market price urgently. However, the active collaboration during the disencumberment can be used to obtain better conditions on  of the  - for example remaining fault liberation.

A4RES group accompanies the Debtor with the sale of the property and takes over the marketing and search for investors. We take over the evaluation of the property, the acquisition of prospective buyers and organize the property transfer through a preparation of the bill of sale and organization of the notarial recording in valid legal form. Simultaneously we take over the negotiations with the creditor banks in order to find also a reasonable disencumberment solution with the utilization.


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