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Advisory Council

A4RES Group did establish an advisory council for developing, supporting and improving its business. This advisory council will advise the managemant as undependent board in questions of quality management and qualitiy intensification in all business activities.


We are proud to have notable managers of leading financial institutions, of law offices and auditing companies in our advisory council. This means managers of Deutsche Bank AG, EuroHypo AG, Commerzbank AG, Leipziger Volksbank eG, DGHyp AG as well as Chlifford Chance and Lehleiter und Partner AG.


Head of the Advisory Board is Mr. Martin Karehnke, Member of the Board Germany of Deutsche Bank AG until 2011.



The members of the Advisory Board:


Harald Eisenach
Managing Director, Deutsche Bank AG, Berlin


Dr. Nils Freudenberg
Partner, Tiefenbacher Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft, Dresden


Martin Gimber
Managing Director, Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank AG, Berlin


Sven Guckelberger
Divison Manager, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart


Martin Karehnke
Member of the Board Germany (ret.), Deutsche Bank AG


Christoph Kothe
Chairman of the Board, Leipziger Volksbank eG, Leipzig


Prof. Dr. Robert Lehleiter
Member of the Board, Lehleiter & Partner Treuhand AG, Görlitz


Lars Löffelholz
Divison Manager Group Intensive Care - Standard, Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt


Ringo Lottig
Member of the Board, Chemnitzer Siedlungsgemeinschaft e.G., Chemnitz


Jörn Stobbe
Managing Director, Becken Holding GmbH, Hamburg